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Certified & Professional
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At Dancer & Company Inspections, we have a passion for home design and construction that we want to share with our clients. Our thorough home inspections give our clients the confidence they need to make a well-informed decision on what might be their largest purchase. As a Certified Professional Inspector, CPI®, we treat each inspection with the thoroughness as if it were for our own family. With our experience and advanced technology our home inspections are, according to our customers, unmatched in thoroughness and detail. 

Home Inspections

Our inspections provide an honest, unbiased report on a home. Our goal is to help you gain the knowledge you need to make an informed decision as well as to have any repairs taken care of before purchasing a property. After each inspection we provide a detailed report explaining our findings and areas of concern. We review interior and exterior areas of the property including: 

  • Roof we examine the flashing, gutters, shingles, structure & more

  • HVAC – a visual inspection of ducts, filters, & furnaces

  • Plumbing – water valves, faucets, proper function, tubs, sinks & more

  • Electrical – grounding, outlets, circuit breakers & other electrical functions

  • Appliances – all major appliances will be reviewed

  • Doors, Windows & Interior – proper sealing, drafts, signs of mold or water damage & more

  • Foundations, Basements and Crawl Spaces – we will inspect for any cracks, signs of damage & more

We help our customers get to know their home and how it functions. Contact us today to arrange your home inspection. 

New Construction Inspections

When purchasing a new home, having a new home inspection adds the peace of mind that will help you to know your home is a solid, safe structure. Even the best builders or subcontractors can make errors. With our thorough inspections that are done during different stages of construction, we will identify any areas that need repair before they become more expensive and bigger repair projects. With our inspections, we can review:

  • Foundation in our Foundation Inspections we will review the structural integrity of the home

  • Pre-drywall allows us to review the wiring, posts, studs, plumbing and other important items that are hidden behind the walls once drywall is added

  • Final Construction will review the completed home

  • 11 Month Warranty allows the buyer one last opportunity to have any builder warranties inspected before the warranty expires

Contact us today to schedule your inspections so you can enjoy your new home!

Certifications acquired through home inspector training from InterNACHI