Thermal Imaging

We can see what other inspectors might not

…using a special tool that provides an immediate look at the condition of the home, without having to tear anything apart to see inside of walls.   It is an advanced & newer technology that inspectors use to get temperature details about a home and assess how protected against environmental elements the home is. 

Thermal Inspections Can Reveal: 
  • The placement of studs and rafters that might not be to the code
  • Water penetration into roofs and ceiling surfaces
  • Moisture build up in building materials
  • Detection of missing or insufficient insulation
  • Electrical issues at points like breaker boxes, outlets, and switches
  • Detect plumbing & piping and their proper/improper installation
  • Impact on energy efficiency
  • Detection of pests

To the naked eye, you wouldn’t have noticed a potential water leak!

Shower with a leakInfrared Showing Shower with leak