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Signs That You May be in Need of a Mold Inspection

When you discover mold in your home, it is critical that you have it remediated as soon as possible. Not only can mold pose a health hazard to you and your family, but it can also eat away at your home, potentially causing costly structural damage. However, the problem is that mold is not always visible when it is present in your home, leading homeowners to wonder how they will know if they are in need of mold inspection and remediation. Here are a few of the signs indicating that you may be in need of a mold inspection.

You Have Suffered Recent Water Damage

One of the clearest signs that you should have your home inspected for mold is if your home recently suffered any water damage. The fact is that mold and moisture go hand-in-hand, as damp environments provide the perfect environment for mold to spread and grow. If your home has sustained water damage, whether due to a flood or a leak that you didn’t realize was present, there may be mold in your home. Having your home inspected can help you find and eradicate the mold before it spreads throughout your home. 

Something Smells Musty

Another obvious sign that mold is likely present in your home is if something smells off. While not all types of mold produce odor, many will cause a musty, damp smell to permeate throughout your home. If something in your home suddenly smells off, you may need to consider investing in a mold inspection. 

You Are Experiencing Adverse Health Effects

A less obvious sign that mold is present in your home is if you and your family have been experiencing adverse health effects recently. Certain types of mold can cause adverse health effects in humans when mold spores spread in the air throughout your home. If you or a family member has been feeling sick all the time or has been suffering from unexplained coughing, respiratory problems, headaches, or nausea, then there may be mold present in your home.

If you believe that there may be mold in your home, it is critical that you have your home inspected as soon as possible before the mold spreads further. Contact us to learn more about the signs indicating that there may be mold in your home. 

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