Hot Water Heater Safety and Backdrafting

Keeping your home’s water heater running at its best will not only ensure your appliances and fixtures operate as you would like, but also can keep you and your family safe from potential dangers. With a quality home inspection from the Frederick Home Inspections team, you can have the peace of mind that your water heater is functioning well.

One of the most serious issues that can occur with one’s water heater is backdrafting, which is when the exhaust fumes from the system are not properly vented. Instead of rising through the water heater’s vent systems, these cases escape into the room, and eventually the entire home, exposing its occupants to dangerous gasses.

A backdraft in the water heater system is typically the result of either vent installation errors or blockage in the system’s piping. Because of the fine workings of these systems, identification of problems and potential maintenance must be handled by experienced professionals. It is best to have your home’s water heater system serviced and inspected yearly.

With constant usage of natural gas to heat the system, attention to gas safety is also pivotal to keep your home, and your family, safe. If your water heater is located inside your home’s garage, it is recommended to place the item 18 inches above the ground to prevent the potential of igniting oil and exhaust fumes. You should also have an automatic shutoff installed to prevent gas leaks in the case of broken lines.

To ensure your water heater is working correctly and does not pose a danger to your home, call the Frederick Home Inspections team to schedule your water heater inspection.


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